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You can bring the tropics into your back garden with Garden Orchid

The exotic beauty of orchids in your own garden? This is possible, as these exuberant flowers are not only meant for inside use. With the easy, frost-resistant Garden Orchids you can bring the tropics into your back garden.

A Garden Orchid is a perennial, frost-resistant plant that is easy to maintain. Most types flower each year between April and June. After flowering, the plant starts to hibernate. While hibernating, this garden orchid withstands temperatures of up to -20°C. Select the shape, colour and height you like most of this special family of garden orchids! From pristine white to pink, yellow and
almost black. As large as your hand or reaching your knee. From lovely, small flowers to considerable eye-catchers. The Garden Orchid assortment offers as much as five different types of garden orchids; Cypripedium, Pleione, Bletilla, Calanthe and Epipactis.

Whatever variant you decide to plant, at the first rays of the sun in spring the shoots sprout from the ground. They slowly unfurl their wonderful flowers, which you will be able to enjoy for weeks. This perennial plant keeps forming new shoots underground, so you can expect more fabulous flowers every year, even in the darkest corner of your garden.

More information: www.gardenorchid.com