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Stylish with a touch of gold

Get your own Olympic gold in the house, because gold is back again. The colour gold highlights furniture, adorns walls, frames pictures, decorates lamps and is interwoven in textiles.

Okergoud inspiratie


Source: Flexa

Symbolic gold
Gold is the colour of success, victory and triumph. People associate it with abundance, luxury and quality. It is not only a colour that gives you a feeling of wealth, gold also exudes tranquillity and creates a sense of space in interiors. Metallic colours are popular: last year’s trendy copper orange turns naturally into a slightly yellow ochre gold. AkzoNobel (the parent company of Flexa) named ochre gold the colour of 2016 and has introduced ochre gold into their yearly colour trend research.

Gold is the chicest ‘colour of the year’ ever. Gold is an ancient, venerable and traditional colour that appears regularly in a very wide range of styles. The combination of gold and yellow ochre is a trendier, more recent variant. Yellow ochre looks fresh and gives every space in the home a boost. This metallic yellow colour is bright enough to catch the eye and easy to combine with other shades.


Gustav Klimt
‘The Kiss’ was painted by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt around 1900. He is known for his gold period, when he used a lot of golden accents in his paintings. With this painting, past and present come together in interior décor.


Gustav Klimt, The kiss

Anthura Narbonne

Anthura Narbonne

The right accent
Flowers and plants are beautiful living accessories that refresh your interior. The orchid Anthura Narbonne® features a highly unusual colour. The old pink, coppery flowers combine perfectly with ochre gold and brings your interior to life.

Put plants in an ornamental pot or on a gold serving tray and opt for some additional gold accessories like a lamp, cushion covers or a painting. But beware, be careful with gold. Don’t go overboard – just a few subtle accents are enough.

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Gold is both traditional and trendy and will be a major feature in interior designs in 2017.