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A self-picked bouquet is trendy

Can’t you see the bouquet for the flowers, or can you? Perhaps the composition of a bouquet has undergone a metamorphosis.

Moodboard veldboeket

Colourful bouquets with an explosion of bright flowers are extremely popular. Typically, the emotions are associated with flowers and plants, which are now more highly-regarded than ever and much sought-after by consumers.

Why are these multi-coloured bouquets so popular?
‘Back to nature’ and picking a wildflower bouquet oneself offers relaxation, space for creativity and brings us closer to nature. The kind of bouquet that puts a focus on a single flower type brings calm and peace to your interiors.

Saffron® ©Anthura A new flower every season
Nature offers a wide range of flowers and plants and it is no coincidence that the wildflower bouquet is synonymous with summery feelings. The most colourful flowers bloom mainly in the summer, ranging from spectacularly large flowers like the delphinium and the foxtail lily to small bloomers such as Lady’s Mantle and Filipendula.

Blooming flowers are not only in the fields, the meadows and the woods  but also in our own back gardens. Creating a trendy bouquet is easy and a lot of fun. Complete the bouquet with some solo flowers like cut Anthuriums. An Anthurium cut flower is a real eye-catcher in your bouquet and is very suitable for this purpose.

Fragrance and colour at home
A wildflower bouquet creates an explosion of colours and fragrances at home. Make the most of the plethora of flowers at the height of summer. Think out-of-the-box with large stems and exotic flowers. Use, for example, a beautiful tray strewn with onion flowers, delphinium, cut Anthurium Previa® and berry-branches. For a ‘wow’ effect, just a few flowers in a simple vase are often enough.

A wildflower bouquet can be surprising thanks to its playful effects. Another possibility is to make the flowers subtly part of your interior by using a cheerful frame and other accessories. This unique interaction between flowers and decorative materials colours your interior and gives it a natural feeling.

Flower arrangers and florists
Flower arrangers know just what to do with the beautiful solo Anthurium flowers. Fashion magazines are packed with colourful wildflower bouquets, in which one or several Anthurium cut flowers are incorporated. Also on TV we are increasingly seeing solo Anthurium flowers in a vase. Flower arrangers know how to make the most stunning creations with Anthuriums. Think, for example, of an Anthurium Marea®, a purple Milanello® or a red Cantello®. There is a flower for every taste.


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