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Pure white is the new black

An all-white look is still successful. A white interior reminds many people of a sterile, simple or clean environment. Yet an all-white look also offers the perfect interior for flowers and plants.

White lightens up rooms and the reflection of the light puts flowering products even more in the spotlight.

all white  wit6

A neutral white interior also makes a room seem bigger. Complement this white interior with serene white plants, although bright colours are also easy to combine. Flowers and plants are the perfect accessories to make your interior somewhat special. All-white can be found in sleek Scandinavian design but also in romantic interiors. With white as the basic colour, any number of different styles are possible.

Emphasize the serene look with large-flowered white orchids, such as Anthura Dover and Anthura Leeds. These newcomers in the assortment feature numerous flowers and require minimal maintenance. If you prefer sunny colour accents, go for a yellow orchid. Anthura Ferrara would be a real eye-catcher on a wooden worktop in a white kitchen.

Change colours regularly and your all-white interior will immediately take on a completely different look.

Anthura Ferrara