The new green Anthurium cut flower makes its debut in the world of cut flowers

Grand Slam®: Love, set & match!

A new talent from Anthura’s cut Anthurium breeding programme is about to break through. On May 1st, the first flowers of the Anthurium cut flower Grand Slam will be auctioned at Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer.

Grand Slam is a green Anthurium cut flower that takes very bouquet to greater heights. The particularly fresh, radiant green colour ensures that every florist falls immediately for this new variety (Love). With Grand Slam they can create the ideal set of flowers in any style they want. Its excellent shelf life and transportation performance complete the picture to a total match. Quite rightly, Love, Set and Match!

This variety is in production at Xanthu J.A.P. Wijnen en Xanthu Anthogether Oost. Both growers deliver their flowers in the optimum condition every day to the auction, and they are available via the Anthogether webstore.

The reason for choosing Grand Slam is clear for both growers. Grand Slam boasts a distinctive green colour and its retail properties are very much geared to current requirements: a long shelf life, cold-tolerant, easy to pack and not easily damaged. Both the outside and the inside of the packaging are crystal clear: clearly conveying that it is a new flower. This Anthurium cut flower is the perfect opportunity for a fresh new look.

The flower production will increase in the near future. Both growers expect to increase their production in the autumn and this will continue towards spring 2020. Due to the rapidly increasing production and its exceptional green colour, Anthura will be putting a big focus on Grand Slam. Promotional material is available for exporters, wholesalers and florists. This top player will be making itself heard very often this year…