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His Majesty King the Netherlands will attend Anthura’s 80th anniversary

His Majesty King of the Netherlands will attend the celebration of our 80th anniversary in Bleiswijk on Friday, 1 June 2018.

On the occasion of our 80th jubilee we organize a unique event on behalf of our relations: the Anthura relation event. During this special anniversary edition of this event, experts and opinion leaders take a seat at the table and they go into conversation about 'Breeding, Sustainability and Future sales opportunities’.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, a well-known and famous Dutch TV host, will lead these high-profile personal talks and challenge the guests to change their company course.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk

Prior to the official start of the event, Anthura organizes especially for his Majesty the King a tour of the company. Then he will bring a visit to the Experience-space where a great diversity of our flowers and plants is shown and an exhibition about the history of our company is set up. At the end of his visit he will attend the first round of the table conversations.

The history of Anthura goes back to 1938, when the first generation started a horticultural company. In eighty years the company grew from a small family business to market leader in the field of orchids and anthurium, with outlets in more than 70 countries and companies in Germany, Macedonia and China.

The Anthura relation event is on Friday, 1 June 2018 and admission is by invitation only.

His Majesty King of the Netherlands © RVD – Frank van Beek