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Enjoyment and inspiration at the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair

In the first week of november we present graceful and powerful novelties on the Royal FloraHolland Tradefair in Aalsmeer. From 8 to 10 november we welcome you in our booth 19.12 in hall 2. In our stand you will find a range of products. As a preview, we will give you a taste of what is in store for you.

A striking anthurium cut flower with a beautiful cherry red colour. Cantello® is a so-called ton-sur-ton variety in which the veins and the spadix match with the cherry red colour of the leaves.

The red Anthurium is still very popular. Rustica® is really a gift for lovers of this colour. The plant has heart-shaped flowers, that shine above the foliage. This variety is of course cold tolerant.


The new topper in white! Anthura Nottingham is an elegant Orchid with large white flowers of more than 9 cm and nice big spikes.

Good news for orchid lovers!
We are also active in other orchids in addition to phalaenopsis. At the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair we can show you the first samples of our Cambria program.
Cambria orchids vary tremendously in size and shape: from one and a half centimeters to over ten centimetres and of star-shaped to nearly round. The flowers have unique markings and the colour variation is enormous.


Cambria Renaissance Grandeur

Welcome in our showroom in Bleiswijk
Our showroom is open to the public during the exhibition days. You will find an abundance of varieties and you can admire the newest additions of our breeding process. We are very curious about your opinion. The coffee is waiting for you and you will all have the opportunity to view the product range and to compare varieties. We hope to see you in our stand or in Bleiswijk!

NB: During the week of the fair, the Anthuriumweg will not be accessible. Follow the yellow signs with the indication A (via the Petuniaweg) to reach us.