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Anthura is Gold Rose winner at the International Grower of the Year Award 2020

Anthura is declared to Gold Rose Winner at the International Grower of the Year Awards 2020. From all the winners of each category they are the overall winner and win the most prestigious award of the event. In addition Anthura has won the ‘Young plants gold’ award in the category young plants as well as the ‘Sustainability gold award’ in the category sustainability. AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers) presented the awards on Tuesday, January 28 during the IPM in Essen, Germany.

As worldwide specialist in Anthurium and Orchids Anthura provides growers with their extensive knowledge of genetics and young plants, with everything they need for a sustainable and profitable chain.

Ten companies from eight different countries in four categories had reached the final. Recognizing the very best of the best in the horticultural industry, the 12th AIPH has chosen its winners. A jury of six international experts has judged the nominees and decided who is the winner in the categories plants and trees, cut flowers, young plants, inspiring business and sustainability.

The jury comments about Anthura: “Anthura is a role model for all of us. They have managed to be the leader within the entire palette; Innovation, R&D, New Tech, Sales & marketing, environment and HR”.

International association of Horticultural Producers
Since 1948 AIPH has united horticultural producers in an international community that thrives to this day. AIPH strives to reignite and uphold the appreciation of plants and the enthusiasm of its buyers. The organization supports the work of growers’ associations globally and is committed to make out a case for a prosperous industry, for growing plants that enhance lives, to advance societies and to preserve our planet for this generation and the next (www.aiph.org).