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One of the most discussed bouquets for the new year

One of the most discussed Anthurium
How will you ensure that they talk about your bouquet during this new year’s drink or other parties? Dare to make a choice in your offer flowers and flowers in your own style. Sometimes a small twist can create a big «WOW».

Take for example the botanical look a like Peruzzi cut flower. This flower has a ‘ cup shaped ‘ flower shape and offers a beautiful course of warm colours.

Flower design: Jolien van der Stappen

Flower design: Jolien van der Stappen

We also spotted original bouquets with cut anthurium at Bouquet Tales. View the many variation and read the practical tips.

Cut anthurium at Bouquet Tales

Anthurium; gloss of the nature
From subtle silky gloss to dazzling high gloss. Anthurium flowers naturally have a beautiful glow. Have them shine in the daylight or mysterious like beetles at dusk. It is the way of combining which makes the difference.

Cut anthurium

Surprise people each time with a different side of the Anthurium; also don’t forget the coloring varieties! The long shelf life is usable as an additional selling point; Anthurium retains its beauty and glow longer than any flower.

Natural glow of an old acquaintance
Retro flower pre-eminently: the Anthurium in high-gloss red (you can better say fire engine red). Combine this classic flower with mat materials and coarse textures. The result is an exciting mix.

From teeny-weeny to bizarre big. The Anthurium family likes extremes. Choose a very small Anthurium and put it next to the biggest flower you can find. Keep the vases soft of color so the contrast between the two extremes receives all the attention.

Anthurium Michigan®

Anthurium Michigan®

Heart of the nature
A still life as a declaration of love. Strange actually, but the Anthurium is the only flower in the shape of a heart. The hearts – small and large – come to their right in a collection of glass vases in soft pastel colours.

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