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Meet us at the Flower Trials

During the Flower Trials you will experience the world of Orchids and Anthurium from different points of view. The range of products we present match the different needs and wishes of consumers, growers, trade and retail worldwide.

You will be welcomed in a colourful ambiance, where we present you a unique collection of hundreds of commercial and future Orchids and Anthurium.

Plants are moving around the house
We see that use of flowers and plants is changing. Seeing that plants were first home based in our living room, they now explore the rest of the house.

Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are more and more decorated with plants. Plant decoration is not only reserved for adults. A lovely small colourful plant for the kids bedroom is no longer exceptional, it is not only stylish, it also contributes to a healthier environment.

Anthura Nottingham

Our continuously extending range of more than hundreds of different orchids has become legendary. The choice in varieties is unlimited and to facilitate our clients/relations in their search for the perfect match we have classified orchids to a specific segment.

This product segmentation anticipates the changing application/use of plants within and around the house.

For example
The small (7-9 cm) plants combined with a Playmobil design pot. Obviously accompanied by children’s favorite figures like pirates and princesses.





A mini sized plant excellent for the limited space on the windowsill.

Anthura Santos







The purple beauty called Stellenbosch, as a great eye catcher in your living (room) or for the large entrance of a building.

Anthura Stellenbosch

Anthura Stellenbosch







The tendency towards smaller pot plants can also be found within Anthurium. Plants moving around the house is a worldwide trend. Taking into account that Anthurium is not only (one of) the longest lasting flowering pot plants, it is also thé natural air purifier. Consumers can not only enjoy the beauty of the plants, Anthurium plants also contribute to a better humidity and a healthier living.

Small is the next BIG thing

With a broad range of 9 cm pot sized Anthurium, the possibilities for you are nearly unlimited.

Zizou® is small in size but BIG in performance. It is a purple beauty that flowers abundantly. This cold tolerant Anthurium has an excellent vase life. It is small in size but BIG in performance.