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Meet Marea, a vintage newcomer

Carpe diem with Marea®. Dutch grower Bouman Anthuriums introduces the new anthurium cut flower Marea, a unique tulip-shaped flower with a spectacular colour combination.

The flower has a green base colour and changes more and more into pink during its vase life. The veins have a dark pink colour, this enhances the vintage look. The flower size is about 13 cm. The cold tolerance of Marea is fine, the flower can be transported one or two days at 7°C.

“Marea fits every season, you can make many nice combinations with this new Anthurium cut flower”, says Jens Kool of  Bouman Anthuriums.

‘Upside down’ transport
Bouman Anthuriums supplies Marea to the auctions of Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. When the flowers leave the Dutch nursery of Bouman, they will be transported, just like Gerbera’s, ‘upside down’. This means that the boxes will be placed upside down. It has turned out that the flowers keep on growing in the box, and with upside down transport the flower shape does not change.

Tulip-shaped assortment
With Marea the tulip-shaped assortment of the Anthurium cut flowers has expanded. This segment is becoming more popular amongst florists, because of the tulip shape of the flowers. For more information about Anthura’s Anthurium cut flower assortment, please contact one of our account managers.