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Anthura joins FSI

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the floricultural industry. Corporate social responsibility and respect for our fellow human beings and the environment could well become our ‘license to produce’ in the future. That’s why Anthura has decided to join the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI).
FSI membership
As experts in orchid and Anthurium cultivation and production, we are an innovative organization that focuses not only on continuous improvement of product quality and the development of an extensive range of plant varieties, but also on sustainable products and production processes. More than a year ago we were awarded the MPS GAP certificate for our Anthurium production site in Bleiswijk. Our FSI membership is the logical next step.

Anthurium production site at Cyclamenweg, Bleiswijk

Floriculture Sustainability Initiative
We will join forces with the FSI to help improve the sustainability of our industry and to create a level playing field for growers, distributors and retailers. The FSI connects international leaders in the floricultural supply chain, including supply chain partners like Waterdrinker, Royal Lemkes Group, Ahold/Delhaize, WWF, and IKEA.

To establish an industry-wide transition to sustainability, it is essential that we establish partnerships with other companies and/or organizations. Anthura is committed to working together with our fellow FSI members to address social, environmental and economic challenges.

Through our FSI membership, we represent the largest product groups (orchids and Anthuriums) in the floricultural industry and will actively contribute to the promotion of sustainability in the industry.

The floricultural industry is facing various sustainability challenges, such as water usage, workers’ conditions and a lack of transparency concerning these topics within our supply chains.

Our FSI membership also means we will be participating in the three-year Chain Transparency 2.0 project.

The FSI aims to ensure that, by 2020, 90% of all FSI members will produce internationally traded flowers and pot plants in a sustainable manner. By ‘sustainable’ we mean: good for the environment, good for people, and good for our companies.

Meer weten over FSI?
Visit the FSI website.