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80th anniversary

Anthura proudly celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2018.

Anthura’s family roots go back to 1938, the year when the first generation of the Van der Knaap family started a horticultural company. In eighty years we have grown from a small family business to a worldwide specialist in Orchids and Anthurium.

Mr Jan van der Knaap started a horticultural company in Wateringen, the Netherlands. The company grows vegetables like tomatoes. Years later, in 1959 his son Nic van der Knaap started working with his father.

The young Nic van der Knaap starts working with his father Jan van der Knaap at the age of 15. At that time, it took a lot of work by hand in the mine wood greenhouses.

In 1973 Nic van der Knaap takes over the company of his father and focuses more and more on the breeding of Anthurium.

Nic van der Knaap takes over the company together with his wife Jeannette van der Knaap. That year the horticultural company switches from the cultivation of vegetables to the cultivation of Anthurium. Although Nic van der Knaap breeds his own Anthurium varieties on a small scale, the breeding business now really grows.

In 1984 the company name changes into Nic van der Knaap Anthuriumselecties B.V., an important step in the company’s history of Anthura. An innovative entrepreneurship of Nic van der Knaap ensures a continues and stable growth.

Nic van der Knaap profiles himself as breeder and supplier of young plant material. The activities take place under the company name `Nic van der Knaap Anthuriumselecties’.

In 1991 the production location for Anthurium young plants at the Groendalseweg in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands is officially opened.

The company moves and opens a large greenhouse at the Groendalseweg in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands. Nic van der Knaap Anthuriumselecties is a fully equipped cultivation company for Anthurium plants.

A few years later, in 1995, the company took over the German company Gunter Arndt Jungplantzen, located close to the Dutch border. Herewith the genetics of Phalaenopsis is added to the assortment. At the same time, the company is from that moment on named Anthura B.V..

The company Anthura B.V. delivers Anthurium and Orchid young plants worldwide.

The Anthura company grows and almost every two years new locations are being opened or extended.

After 40 years Nic van der Knaap officially hands over his responsibilities as owner and the younger generation takes over.  The direction is formed by Mark van der Knaap, Marco van Herk and Iwan van der Knaap.

The following period characterizes visibility through international growth. From that moment on developments and innovations follow in a high pace. Where first Anthura Arndt in Germany is expanded, Anthura also expands its business for the Chinese local market.

The company Anthura Horticulture Co. Ltd. in China is officially opened.

The modern greenhouse for production of Anthurium young plants at the Cyclamenweg in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands is opened in the year 2009.


Over two years ago, in 2015 a private laboratory in Macedonia is opened and the expansion of Anthura Arndt started.

A private invitro laboratory in Macedonia is opened for the propagation of orchids.

The history of Anthura seems to be one of continuous prosperity. But this is not the case, by adhering to a long-term vision, a clear focus on expertise, entrepreneurship and flexibility we are today a world player in Orchids and Anthurium.

With this ‘rich’ history, it promises to be a memorable 80 years anniversary and with a look at the future we go for the 100!