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Proud of our eighth place in the Hillenraad 100

The Hillenraad 100 consists of the annual ranking of the hundred most prominent companies in the knowledge and capital-intensive horticultural industry. Anthura has been in the top 10 for years.

In 2016 there has been a paradigm shift in the horticultural world; from chain to network. The traditional chains are not only shortened but also broken. How do you carve out a niche of your own in this world of dynamic networks?

Thought leadership
This is what Anthura is doing with thought leadership: distinguishing itself with its expertise in breeding, techniques, production and sales. We stand with pride this year in eighth place in the Hillenraad 100.

8th place Hillenraad 2016


Source: Hillenraad 100

With the ongoing development of durable new varieties and products, we have our sights set on the long term which is why we safeguard our continuity. Our Hillenraad ranking over the last few years demonstrates our positive track record.

Hillenraad 2015: 7th place
“There are two ways of looking at flowers: from the perspective of the professional and from the perspective of the consumer. Anthura knows how to differentiate between those…. A resilient business that is firmly nestled in our top 10..”

Hillenraad 2014: 7th place
“Performing a feat so challenging it is almost impossible to copy. Anthura is in that league. And with success, because this key player in pot Anthurium and pot Phalaenopsis was able to achieve growth  in 2013 in a stagnating market.”

Hillenraad 2013: 7th place
“Simply put, Anthura is a great company. As the world’s number 1 company in breeding and propagating and the leader in Phalaenopsis, it runs a tight ship. Its performance is perfect and Anthura guarantees high-quality delivery.”

Anthura congratulates all the other horticultural companies for their place in the top 100 Hillenraad 2016.