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Meet us @ Iran Green Trade Fair

A visit to the Iran Green Trade Fair (3-6 September, 2016) is a must for every professional in the horticulture industry in Iran. 

As being the expert in Anthurium and Orchid we present you the newest and most promising varieties of the future!

Most welcome at stand 212
We are happy to invite you to visit us in stand 212, where we present our Orchid and Anthurium varieties. The trade fair is opened every day from 10.00 A.M. For more information please click here.

Register in advance
Receive the latest update regarding the trade fair by registration online. Click here to register in advance.


MareaMilanelloMarea® is without a doubt a natural beauty. Marea’s vintage colour has a kind of pink flame at the top.

Milanello® is a trendy novelty with charme. Milanello has a wonderful purple colour and its ideal size makes it an absolute favourite.



Marea                                                                  Milanello

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Iran Green Trade fair in Tehran!