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Meet our new Managers Sales

A few years ago we decided to implement specialization for Orchid and Anthurium in our sales team. This makes our account managers a better discussion partner and advisor for you. With the departure of Rick Kroon, we are giving further substance to the specialization by splitting up the position of Commercial Manager.

With pride we can inform you that we fill these positions from our own ranks with Gert Hoogendoorn as Manager Sales Orchids and Richard Smit as Manager Sales Anthurium. We are confident that with these two colleagues the accumulated knowledge and expertise will be preserved, the teams will be even more empowered and we will be able to realize our joint ambitions.

Gert Hoogendoorn and Richard Smit are known Anthura faces. Gert started at Anthura as Junior, after the HAS University of Applied Sciences, almost 10 years ago and next to his work he obtained his Master in Business Administration. In the meantime he is an experienced Phalaenopsis specialist, as witnessed by his performance during AnthuraNXT. Richard has been working at Anthura for 30 years. After finishing the HAS University of Applied Sciences, he has held almost all Anthurium positions. This makes him a true Anthurium expert. In the coming months Gert and Richard will introduce themselves to you again.

We would like to thank Rick for his contribution in the past 15 years. We wish him success as Commercial Director at Royal van Zanten. Of course we congratulate Gert and Richard with their new job and wish Gert, Richard and sales colleagues lots of fun and success!


Richard Smit, Rick Kroon and Gert Hoogendoorn