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Long-term enjoyment with Anthura Split

It always remains a miracle that beautiful and distinctive phalaenopsis pot plants with new colour combinations are developed every time! With the incrossing of an intense yellow lip, new refreshing combinations emerge.

One of these new colour combinations is the variety Anthura Split: a plant with an intense yellow lip surrounded by a white centre on a pink flower. The variety Split thus brings sunshine into the house! Not surprisingly, this beautiful phalaenopsis is named after Split in Croatia, known for its colourful buildings and beautiful sunsets 

Anthura Split has a compact leaf position and, with its plant height of 60 cm, can easily be sold by name or in the mix. Besides the striking colour of, an average shelf life of no less than 16 weeks will certainly appeal to consumers!   

 Would you also like to bring the sun into your home? Then ask your account manager about the availability of Anthura Split.