Lilli is a five star worthy Anthurium

Lilli® is 5 star worthy
It is a perfect match; Anthurium Lilli and the 5-star hotel Baur au Lac in Zürich (Switzerland).

Lilli @Baur au Lac

5-star hotel Baur au Lac
In the heart of the city of Zurich, lies the Baur au Lac hotel. Placed within its very own private park overlooking the breath taking Lake Zurich and Swiss Alps, it is one of the world’s top luxury hotels. The one hundred and twenty rooms and suites offer a warmth and personal ambiance with the highest standard of comfort, luxury and high-tech amenities.

Timelessly designed rooms are characterised by a refined eclectic style. The decoration of the hotel rooms  include colourful orchid varieties.



(source: Baur au Lac)

High quality exclusive flowers
The hotel offers flowers for every event. Spectacular flower arrangements are one excellent design elements. Floral decoration is essential for its overwhelming luxurious appearance. While the entrance of Lilli in this exclusive hotel has proven its high quality and popularity amongst floral connoisseurs.

Lilli® a precious sweet little thing
Lilli is a darling, even endearing. This small Anthurium plant is an exclusive true must-have. The number of little pink flowers dazzles you. Lilli can be described as an absolute floral delicacy. The flowers have a macaron sweet colour.


The popularity of Lilli endorses its suitability for high end floral decoration. The possibilities of this small Anthurium plant are endless. In the hotel Lilli offers a sweet pink sea of flowers. You are immediately overwhelmed by the luxury this hotel offers their guests.

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