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Inspiration tour as a step forward in the chain

As a breeder Anthura feels strongly about the added value of inspiring and communicating with floral experts from all over the world.

By inviting them to visit the company’s own showroom and not only tell them the story but also by letting them experience the abundance of different varieties, they have the unique opportunity to look behind the scenes. The knowledge and the inspiration they experience makes them tell the story of anthurium with pleasure to their own customers.

Sfeerbeeld anthurium veredeling

The Anthurium breeding process of many years in a nutshell

Behind closed doors
Breeding is a long term process and it is commonly executed behind closed doors. By offering florists an Anthurium tour, our doors are opened for them and conversation starts. The feedback of florists on future varieties influences our breeding selections a certain way. It gives us valuable insights in the florist’s choice and use of our flowers and plants.

Welcome to Chinese flower specialists
Today we welcomed a large group of Chinese flower specialists. The florists were overwhelmed by the inspiration tour they got. Visiting the greenhouse and learn more about the breeding and cultivation contributed to a great enthusiasm for Anthurium. The tour started in Bleiswijk with a visit to our greenhouse, and after having a home made Chinese lunch, the large group was invited by grower Bouman Anthuriums.

De Winkel
De Winkel is a inspiring  flowershop of the Dutch growing company Bouman Anthuriums. De Winkel is next to the greenhouse and offers consumers and floral specialists Anthurium flower creations, styling advice, home and office decoration. Florist from China july 2016 10
There the group had a creative flower workshop in Bouman’s very own flower store, De Winkel.

Florist from China july 2016 7Florist from China july 2016 9









At the end an Anthurium arranging book was given to every Chinese visitor as a gift.


Anthura thanks the Chinese for their visit of today and Bouman Anthurium for their cooperation and hospitality.