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Flower Trials and GreenTech coincide in one week

Choose between the two events? That won’t be necessary. Enjoy a flower tour and combine GreenTech with a visit to Anthura.

Are you planning to visit GreenTech in the RAI Amsterdam?
Then visit the breeding pavilion as you will find a sea of flowers of Anthura products. Combine your visit to the GreenTech (14-16 June 2016) and book a unique flower tour to the Flower Trials. Anthura’s showroom is an absolute must-see that week.


Tour Red to Anthura
In our impressive showroom we are showing hundreds of Orchids and Anthurium during the Flower Trials (14-17 June 2016). Each day of the GreenTech fair you can book your seat for the Tour Red. The bus leaves at 13.00 hours from the breeding pavilion in the RAI to Anthura in Bleiswijk.

We look forward to welcoming you in person in Bleiswijk!

Book your bus tour to Anthura
Book the Tour Red at the GreenTech and enjoy an all-inclusive tour, guided by a hostess, to Anthura. The tour finishes in the RAI.

Click on the registration link below to make reservations for the bus.
Registration bus tour