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Distinctive and unique Phalaenopsis novelties at the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair

At the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair three unique and distinctive Phalaenopsis novelties will make their appearance. They are a true addition to the range with their good plant structure, beautiful colours and representation of all segments. 

Anthura Torino is a classic Italian beauty
The power of the product Phalaenopsis lies in the countless combinations between the Phalaenopsis flower colour, flower patterns and lip colour. This way the Phalaenopsis knows how to surprise the consumer again and again! Up to now there was no variety with the combination of a yellow flower colour with a striped pattern that could meet the high demands of today’s market. Proudly we announce that our breeding department succeeded in this with the delivery of the variety Torino! The novelty Torino is best described as productive, versatile and timeless.

Productive by virtually 100% 2 spikes at a normal cultivation duration, a flower diameter of at least 9 cm, and an average of 12 flowers on a crest. Versatile because the variety is suitable for both the retail segment (at a shorter cultivation duration this plant still gives enough flowers because of the long combs) and wholesale/florists segment (a longer cultivation duration is rewarded with additional flower buds,  branches and 3 spikes per plant). Timeless by her classic appearance; this classic beauty should form a part of the basic product range of each Phalaenopsis grower.

Anthura Torino

Anthura Oxford: newcomer in the upper segment
This novelty in our greenhouse soon got the nickname “Cambridge Improved”. A great honour, as the variety is now legendary in the upper segment white. The plant structure is more compact, the 2-spike percentage is higher and the flower is 0.5 cm larger than Anthura Cambridge. The white flowers are beautifully arranged on the flower spikes and the good shelf life of Cambridge are preserved in the new variety Oxford, making this newcomer also suitable for cascades.

Anthura Oxford

An expressive colour combination in the small flowering segment: Anthura Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa is with its expressive orange lip and lilac-coloured flowers a striking appearance! With its height of 45-50 cm and a flower size of 5-6 cm, this novelty is easy to combine with other basic varieties such as Anthura Vienna, Anthura Morelia and Anthura Innsbruck. Santa Rosa grows uniform and gives a high percentage of 2-spikes in the 12 cm pot at a regular cultivation duration. This makes it a welcome addition in this segment.

Anthura Santa Rosa

Your are most welcome in our booth (booth number 19.7) in order to take a look at these beautiful novelties over a cup of coffee from November 7 – November 9. Their beauty speaks for itself.