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Colourful novelties at Cultivate’16

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Cultivate exhibition, as we offer new and promising varieties with an outstanding quality.

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Stand 1537
You are invited to visit us in stand 1537 and judge for yourself some of our Phalaenopsis and Anthurium pot plant varieties with strong internal and external qualities in the area of heat tolerance, cold tolerance, amount of flowers, amount of spikes, uniformity and pot size.

New Varieties Zone
In the New Varieties Zone N45 we will present Orchid and Anthurium, click below and learn more.

Phalaenopsis novelties > Morelia, Port Elisabeth, Los Angeles and Dover
Anthurium novelties > Michigan®, Vanilla® and Colorado®.

Anthura Los angelesAnthurium Vanilla® ©Anthura






Opening hours
Sunday July 10: 09.30 hours – 17.00 hours
Monday July 11: 09.00 hours – 17.00 hours
Tuesday July 12, 09.00 hours – 14.00 hours

Unlimited in Varieties, offering unlimited possibilities.