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Carisma®, a new red favourite

The popularity of red is enormous and newcomers will have to comply with high standards to be able to compete with the top red varieties.

Carisma® ©Anthura


Today, people are longing more and more for purity and experience. Carisma® is a flower with more than just a lovely appearance. The pride of the flower is also reflected in the considerable flower size and the bright red colour.  This cut Anthurium, full of character, features a high production and has a long shelf life.

As a result of the alterations of Anthura Flower, a new test bed was created at the beginning of 2015.  Last summer, these flowers also achieved their size rapidly, with an abundance of 10 cm and 12 cm blooms.

Great test results
Test results at Anthura Flower show positive figures in terms of both production and quality. The old  test bed (grubbed up in 2014) delivered well, with numbers exceeding 100 pieces/m² (YLB) for many years. By allowing cuttings in this test bed, production increased even more, with flowers ranging from 10 cm to 20 cm. It is interesting to note that the flowers reached their size rather easily in the summer months too.

New favourite
Carisma takes up a beautiful position next to the favourite Tropical. Together with our Area Managers you can study whether Carisma is also the ideal product-market combination for you.

Would you like to learn more about Carisma?         Carisma® ©Anthura

Finally, a tip for growers in Europe: if you plant a slightly larger plant early in the year, you can still enjoy good prices at the end of October for All Saints’ Day.

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