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Brisbane, a newcomer in the segment with multiple spikes!

In recent years, the multiple spikes segment has won its own niche in the Phalaenopsis market.

The product is distinguished by three, four and sometimes even five spikes from the ‘common’ plant with one and two spikes and has a good ornamental value thanks to its abundance of flowers. It is therefore not surprising that florists have been swift to embrace this segment to distinguish themselves from the Phalaenopsis sold through other channels.

With the introduction of the Anthura Dover variety two years ago, Anthura laid a solid foundation in the multiple spikes segment. Dover is characterized by its compact stacked growth habit, a high percentage of plants with four spikes and a flower size of 7 cm.

Phalaeanopsis Anthura Brisbane.

Anthura Brisbane

With newcomer Anthura Brisbane, a start was made to expand the assortment in the multiple spikes segment by plant height and flower size. Brisbane has the same compact stacked growth habit as Dover, but with a high percentage of plants with three spikes and a flower size of 8 cm. The plant height of 60 cm is the same. Brisbane is characterized by the larger flower size of 8 cm compared to Dover. The flower colour of Brisbane is a true white and together with the green stem it provides a fresh appearance!

If you have not yet received the two varieties at the nursery, please ask your sales manager about availability and let us convince you!

This article is part of the Anthurinfo October 2016. Read all articles here.