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Anthura no. 7 in the Hillenraad 100

Last Friday the Hillenraad 100 was announced on the Hortigala of the year. Anthura has been risen in the top 10 with three places to place 7.

The Hillenraad 100 is drawn up annually and displays the list of the 100 leading companies in the (glass) horticultural sector.

Place 7
Anthura is already in the Hillenraad 100 for years and this year our raking has been risen 3 places in the top 10 to place 7.

Quote from the Hillenraad Edition 2015:
“There are two ways of looking at flowers: from the perspective of the professional and from the perspective of the consumer. Anthura knows how to differentiate between those. A resilient business that is firmly nestled within our top 10. “

Congratulations to all the winners
We congratulate all winners of the Hillenraad 100 and specially the big winners the Dutch Flower Group and Enza Zaden.