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Anthura nominated for ‘Koning Willem 1’ Award

On Monday, March 2nd Anthura is nominated for the biennial Koning Willem I Award SME (King William I Award SME, named after King Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands) at the nomination-event of the Koning Willem I Foundation. A total of twelve companies from all regions of the Netherlands are eligible for this award. These companies are selected by regional committees comprising experts and entrepreneurs. Decisive for the nomination are performance based on daring, vigour, sustainability, perseverance and good entrepreneurship.

The winner of the SME award will be announced in mid-May at a special meeting. Her Majesty Queen Máxima is honorary chairman of the Koning Willem I Foundation.

About the Koning Willem I Award
The Koning Willem I Award is the National Enterprise Award, which is awarded every two years by the Koning Willem I Foundation. The prize is awarded in two categories: large-scale companies and SME’s. Companies that have shown guts, vigour, sustainability, perseverance and good entrepreneurship in recent years,  are the first to be considered. By awarding the Prize, the Koning Willem I Foundation’s aim is to raise awareness and generate interest for positive developments in the Dutch economy and to stimulate creative and innovative entrepreneurship.

Source: Koning Willem 1 Prize – nominations