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Amigo Improved

A cut flower that’s easy to make friends with, perhaps even your new BFF (best friend forever).

In the horticulture sector, special attention is paid to strong variety characteristics when it comes to innovation. This is logical, because measurement is the key to knowledge. With the introduction of  Amigo® Improved lwe are raising the standard for varieties in the obake segment to an even higher level.

Amigo Improved is a large flower in the red/green colour combination. The flower is not too large and has a stable colour distribution.

A logical comparison of Amigo Improved with its predecessor is quickly made. The oversized flowers of the old Amigo variety definitely belong to the past. The stable colour distribution of the new flower is also a major advantage.

Anthurium snijbloem Amigo® Improved

Amigo® Improved

New super variety

With respect to production and crop structure, great progress has been made as well. Different customers and crop consultants classify Amigo Improved  as ‘a new super variety’. The high production goes without saying, but equally important is the crop structure. Short internodes and relatively small leaves (optimal flower/leaf ratio) lead to a clearly organised crop and lower labour costs.

The cultivation method has changed a lot over the last 10 years, and now different cultivation methods are being used. The most suitable method depends on the variety and some specific factors like location, cultivation experience and equipment of the greenhouse. But the traditional approach (leaf cutting) also leads to great cultivation results. For all these reasons there is a good chance that Amigo Improved will be ‘your new BFF’.

This article is part of the Anthurinfo February 2017. Read all articles here.