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Afropolitan at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Designer Liselore Frowijn created a fashionable flower paradise on the catwalk during Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016.

On Saturday 9th July, Liselore Frowijn presented her new collection ‘Afropolitan’ in the Gashouderfabriek. The tropical flowers and plants provided the perfect setting for the designer’s collection.


Garden of Eden
The stage was composed of exotic flowers and plants, including many Anthurium, and the audience was welcomed by the sound of birdsong that gradually changed into chirping crickets.

Sarah Dikker (Holland’s Best Flower Stylist) had transformed the catwalk into an exotic setting with six colourful towers of flowers and plants. She used Anthuriums, Strelitzia, Orchids, Cyclamen, Celosia and Medinilla, which were made available by growers of Royal FloraHolland.

Collection Liselore Frowijn

Royal FloraHolland sponsort de show van Liselore Frowijn tijdens de Amsterdam FashionWeek.

Source: Royal FloraHolland

For her newest designs Liselore Frowijn worked together with luxury fabric designer Vlisco. The collection includes a lot of rich, adventurous designs. The talented Frowijn has received a lot of praise since she graduated cum laude in 2013 from the ArtEZ art academy in Arnhem. She won the Frans Molenaar Couture Award and the Grand Prix Chloe during the Hyères 2014 international fashion contest. Her designs feature a lot of colour and prints.

Anthurium Eterno cockscomb
There were many beautiful beehive hairstyles on the catwalk, adorned with floral accessories made from numerous Anthurium flowers. The Anthurium cut flower Eterno® , supplied by grower Fiore Anthuriums, was positioned in the hair like a cockscomb, playing a major role in the models’ hairdos.


Source: Royal FloraHolland