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Pastel for scandie lovers

The world seems to have gone a bit Scandinavian crazy lately. Scandinavian style is booming. Trendy fashion and interiors are popping up, all having a fresh, clean, modern and minimalist look.

Window dressing scandic

Scandinavian style

Perhaps the Scandinavian television series like The Killing and Borgen, which are immensely popular, are behind this new trend? We all know about the typical pastel-coloured interiors, seen in every interior magazine. But, do we know any famous Scandinavian designers? Let’s mention just a few of the designers and architects who are perhaps the founders of this trend.

Hans Wegner
portrait-full_hans wegener hans-wegner-cigar-chair-and-footstool

Wegner has designed countless chairs, many of which—such as the Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair, Wegner Wing Chair, and Wegner CH07 Shell Chair—are internationally recognized classics. His work made mid-century Danish design as popular as it is still today. He is the undisputed master of Danish design.

Arne Jacobsen
Arne JacobsenArne-Jacobsen-Egg-Chair-In-Fabric-900x900

Known for his contribution to architectural Functionalism (the principle that architects should design a building based on the purpose of that building). Inspired by world-famous Eames designs, Jacobsen created his own successful chairs, known as Drop, Ant, Egg and Swan.

Alvar Aalto
Alvar Aaltoaalto_savoy_vase

A Finnish architect and designer, as well as a sculptor and painter. He made glassware and textiles and insisted on creating ‘a total work of art’, focusing not only on one small thing but also the building and all of its interiors. He truly was a master of luxury interior design. His Aaltovase (1936) became world famous.

Scandinavian design embraces orchids and Anthurium
Scandinavian design combines perfectly with the many pastel-coloured orchids and Anthuriums.

Pastel-Scandinavian-Dining-Room  84f7853c632628edaea62079c4f51f2b   pastel16  Pastel-interieur

The flowers and green leaves of both orchids and Anthuriums complement the simple, timeless and functional Scandinavian designs.

Davos, Leeds and Eastbourne orchids all have appealing bright white flowers; for some pink/lilac colour, add plants like Santos and Chengdu. Soft pink Anthurium such as the pot plants Joli Peach® and Lilli® or the cut flowers Nunzia® and Cheers®.

Anthura Leeds

Anthura Leeds

Anthurium Lilli® ©Anthura


Anthurium cut flower Candy® ©Anthura






Make your home comfortable by combining classic furniture with light wood and add pastel coloured plants and flowers to create cosy spaces and light, airy rooms.

Go Scandie and embrace the many pastel-coloured Anthurium and orchids.