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The red anthurium is the perfect Christmas flower

The Anthurium comes in exactly the classic Christmas colors are red and green. This makes it the perfect Christmas flower. We’ll show you how you immediately can create a cozy Christmas atmosphere in your home with this exotic plant, without too much effort.

The anthurium as a Christmas flower

The Anthurium is available as a cut flower and as a pot plant. With its green leaves and red flowers, it can be used as Christmas decoration very well. We give you some inspiration, view the different interiors in which the Anthurium is beautifully displayed: Non-toxic living: 3 tips om in huis toe te passen Inspiratie: de rode anthurium is de perfecte kerstbloem Zo breng je een anthurium plant weer tot leven 4 nieuwe soorten anthurium snijbloemen Planten zuiveren de lucht Inspiratie: de rode anthurium is de perfecte kerstbloem  Een anthurium snoeien

Groen in GLas: Anthurium op water

Picture: Bakker.com

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