Create a relaxing moment for yourself with flowers and plants

Are you in need of a break? Then create a relaxing moment for yourself with flowers and plants. By enjoying some me-time, you can let go of everything and relax. Do this for example by taking a long bath. Flowers and plants can help with this, because they radiate tranquility and bring even more benefits.


To be able to relax well, it’s important to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. You can do this by putting on some slow music and lighting candles, but also by placing flowers and plants. Research has shown that your mood can brighten up because of flowers and people feel safer and more relaxed with flowers around them. Houseplants too don’t only provide cosiness, they have a calming and air-purifying effect, and provide more oxygen. Not all plants do well in the bathroom due to the darkness and high humidity. But plants such as the anthurium and orchid actually love the high humidity and warm temperatures, and grow extra well because of it!


You may have seen the flowerbath on Instagram, where people in a tropical place sit in a bath filled with flowers. Well, you can easily make one yourself at home! For example, sprinkle some rose petals in your bath and add a few drops of rose water. This has a cleansing and healing effect, and makes your skin soft. You can do this with other flowers too, like chamomile, jasmine or lavender.

Face mask

To top it off, you can put on a nice face mask. Your pores open because of the vapor of the warm water, allowing the skin to absorb the benefits of the mask better. Just make sure that you don’t use a mask that needs to dry up, because it’s too moist for that in the bathroom.