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Autumn trends

The autumn is almost to its end and the real winter colours and trends are presented in the shops. What is being displayed in the shop windows?

The Seventies trend has been booming for several seasons and is also back this winter. In addition, we’re seeing powder pink as an accent colour of the season. The autumn/winter fashion collection includes a lot of pastel colours and this is also the case in the range of flowers and plants this autumn.

The colour pink in al its tones

Yet candy pink remains hot and is often combined this autumn with pastel shades. Flowers in bright pink colours enhanced by pastel pink transplant pots, for example.

Blush pink is the accent colour par excellence this autumn. Purchase a flower or plant in this shade and your interior will be completely ready for the autumn. Designers don’t want the summer to finish, so flowers and plants in candy pink and pastel shades must stay.

Candy®, a dark pink “ton-sur-ton” Anthurium cut flower and the pot plant Maine® match the pink accent colour. For those who prefer a less intense pink, the Joli® variety is a beautiful asset.

Anthurium Maine ©Anthura