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Trend: Re-assemble

Three Green Sector Trends have been identified for 2018. Tuinsector Nederland, Branchevereniging VHG, iBulb and Bloemenbureau Holland worked together with trend-watcher Aafje Nijman. Together they identified three style trends for the floriculture sector this year.

The zeitgeist as the basis for trends
The current zeitgeist is driving us to hunt for new solutions because the established structures are losing their power. Just think of fake news and failing opinion polls. We want to move forward, but we also want to hold on to the past. We are striving for a more harmonious society with renewed trust. This zeitgeist has been translated into three style trends:

  • Punk Rebooted
  • Re-assemble
  • Romance 3.0

Everything is possible in this trend, as it is based on creativity. Everything can be combined and replaced by ever-changing, playful elements. The shapes used are not fixed, but rather completely arbitrary. The flowers and plants bring a joyful vibrancy to the interior decoration.

The Re-assemble style is characterized by numerous bouquets and hanging arrangements featuring a wealth of different elements.

From our assortment we have selected the following cut Anthurium varieties for this trend: Jolie Peach® & Lilli®

Jolie Peach®                                                                       Lilli®                                         Anthura Narbonne