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A tribute to jeans with Denim Drift

Denim blue is the colour trend of the moment, a shade of blue with a touch of grey. Bright ochre gold gives way to the soft, agreeable shade of well-worn, much-loved jeans

Denim Drift
Flexa named this specific blue tint ‘Denim Drift’ and has chosen it to be the colour of the year for 2017.moodboard-denim-drift_800x800

Phalaenopsis and Anthurium exist in hundreds of different colours, but denim blue is a colour that does not appear in the genetic make-up of these flowers and plants naturally. An Orchid or Anthurium with blue flowers… that is not going to happen in the (near) future, but does this mean that our flowers and plants will be out of fashion next year? Most certainly not!

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Combine strong colours with Denim
The emergence of flowers and plants in interiors and offices is huge. Where green predominates and colour makes the difference, the denim blue brings serenity. You can make endless combinations with denim. Go for contrast with brightly coloured red and orange flowers, such as Tropical Improved® or Saffron®. Fancy something sunnier? The Orchid Ferrara and Anthurium cut flower Marysia® stand out in a blue interior.

8711_tropical_improved  8121_saffron  103618_ferrara_flower  0837_marysia

Accentuate the toughness of Denim
For a quieter yet tougher effect in your interiors, purple tints are a must. In our assortment we have an interesting range of purple varieties. Recently the Anthurium pot plant Cirano® and Anthurium cut flower Maravilla® have been introduced, both contain a deep purple colour and are exceedingly strong.