New website for Anthurium (Source: Flower Council of Holland)
Anthurium poster for market in Germany (Source: Flower Council of Holland)

Dazzling website for Anthurium

19-10-2009 | In cooperation with the Flower Council of Holland Dutch Anthurium growers have taken a new initiative, resulting in a dazzling website. The perception of this website is stylish, sensual, powerful and energetic.

The visitor is treated to a spectacle of colours and forms. No less than 175 Anthurium cut flower varieties are shown. The website is linked to a promotion website for Anthurium pot plants.

A range of Anthurium bouquets must inspire both florists and consumers to start working and buying Anthurium. On the new website one can read about growers who tell about their passion and skills.

The website further offers a survey of the extensive assortment, useful tips for both florists and consumers and many pictures of beautiful creations with Anthurium. The pictures mostly show the combination possibilities of the Anthurium with other flowers. 

A visit to will be an inspiring one.